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The Society invests in the Kenyan money market through the Nairobi stock exchange. Currently the society own shares in the following companies, Cooperative Insurance Company of Kenya, Safaricom, NIC bank, KenGen, National Bank of Kenya, Kenya Commercial Bank, HFCK and Co operative bank

The Society is evaluating investing in off shore and fixed income securities as an alternative area of members’ investments subject to availability of funds. In the money market, the society is looking to invest in cash and demand deposits, commercial paper, Government securities e.g. treasury bills and bonds.

Dividend Capitalization

Due to the continued increase of the need to have many projects, there has been a continued need for capital injection into the Society and this is witnessed by the continued deduction over the last 8 years. To increase the funds available for investment, the delegates approved re- capitalization of dividends by members for the next three years at the rate of 50% on the dividends declared.

This will assist the Society reduce on the huge outflows experienced each end of the year but more so increase the wealth of the members. Below find a tabulation of the growth in income if the Society had implemented the policy since 2008.

Profit Growth for the period


  Year    Amount ‘Kshs m’     Dividend Rate ‘%’

  2008                    15.33             8

  2009                   11.84              5

  2010                    26.73          10

  2011                    24.85           8.7

  2012                   47.90           12

 2013                    94.97           20

                                                                                                                                                                               2014                    134.67         21

                                                                                                                                                                               2015                     223.00        23

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