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Why Join Us?

We have a track record of great achievements articulated toward empowering our members in investment opportunities. Among the great achievement we have achieved are:

1. Stima Investment Plaza

Successful completion of a seven storey building along Mushembi road next to Stima Sacco plaza. The building has a net income of over Kshs. 20m per year and also hosts our Head Office on the  5th floor.

2. Stima Mall

This is a 9 storey building at the junction of Mushembi and Kolobot road. The building is almost complete and is expected to generate a net income of over Kshs. 35m per year.

3. Profit Growth for the period       

        Year      Amount (Kshs- Mlns)     Dividend Rate ‘%’
        2008        15.33                               8
        2009        11.84                               5
        2010        26.73                             10
        2011        24.85                               8.7
        2012        47.90                             12

        2013        94.97                             20

          2014       134.68                            21

        2015       223.79                           23

4. Assets and Share Capital Growth

Stima Investment assets have grown from Kshs 290m in 2009, to an all time high of 1.47billion as per the audited accounts of 2013.
Our share capital has also grown from Kshs 190 in 2009 to 522million as per the audited accounts of 2013.

5. Awards

In recognition of the continued good performance in execution of our projects over the years, theMinistry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development awarded Stima Investment Co-operative Society four trophies as follows:-
• Best Housing and Investment Projects - 1st position
• Highest Return on Investment - 1st position
• Highest Savings Housing & Investment Co-operative - 1st position.
• Most consistence co-operative society 2014 - 1st position
We are optimistic that we shall scoop more award for our performance in 2015 which has improved
from the previous years.

6. Strategic Direction

  1. Our Strategic pillars for the next five years include:-
  2. Increase asset base to 5 billion by the year 2018.
  3. Grow the earnings per share by 2% point over the previous year for the next five years
  4. Increase Stima Investment share capital to Kshs 1 billion
  5. Increase investment portfolio by 5 streams by the year 2018
  6. Improve customer service through use of ICT

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