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Q: What is Stima Investment Co-operative Society?

A: Stima Investment is an investment company registered under the Co-operative act whose main mandate is to carry our investment activities using member funds.


Q: Do you offer loans to members?

A: No. We are purely an investment arm. Our main mandate is to look for investment opportunities and float to members to buy at friendly member prices.


Q: How do I become a member?

A:By filling in a membership form and paying a membership fee of Kshs. 5000 The form can be downloaded from our website. Membership fee is payable upfront and one can pay either through the Bank, Sacco or Mpesa You will also be required to buy 300 shares of Kshs. 200 each which is payable either upfront or in installments over 24 months.


Q: Must I buy 300 shares upfront or is there an installment payment method that I can use?

A: Individuals are required to buy the shares upfront and pay in full and qualify to enjoy dividends or one can pay in installments to a maximum of 24 months. For groups/ institutions, they are required to clear paying for the shares within 3 months from registration.


Q: What are the benefits of membership once I join?

A:Enjoy subsidized prices for all our products Dividend payments each year Priority in products of sale including commercial rental spaces at subsidized prices Value Proposition e.g. serviced plots, title deeds, roads, plus other social amenities. Security of investment (proper due diligence done)


Q: Do you pay dividends? If so, when and at what rate?

A:Yes, Dividends are payable every year after an AGM has been held. AGM’s are held anytime between February and May of every year. Rates depend on how we have traded/ invested that last year and may vary from year to year.


Q: Do I need to be a member of Stima Sacco to qualify for membership at SIC?

A: No, not necessarily. But you may need Stima Sacco to enable financing for our investments.


Q: How do I receive updates from SIC on new investments?

A: Visit our webpage- We are currently working on an automated system that will be sending updates to all our members alerting them on new investment opportunities up for grabs. Be on the look out for more information.


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