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Stima Investment Insurance Agency Ltd is one of the business subsidiary for Stima Investment Co-operative Society Ltd. The agency was licensed under the insurance act in 2015 and offers all classes of insurance business including life & non-life products, medical products as well as claim and risk management services to our members and non-members. We pride ourselves in providing innovative and competitive insurance products that are relevant and appropriate to our customer’s needs, excellent claim services as well professionalinsurance consultancy services. We accomplish this by establishing partnerships with various reputable insurance companies in the industry.


  • Our vision is to set the standard of excellence amongst insurance agencies by providing appropriate financial protection to our clients.



  • Our mission is to provide peace of mind to our insureds through an extensive range of insurance products, excellent claim service and commitment to the principles of service, integrity and professionalism.


  • You invest, we secure

Our Core Values

Innovation, Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork and Caring


  • We are a trustworthy partner to secure your financial investments.
  • We provide peace of mind to our clients by reducing exposure to financial risks, loss of property and building confidence to undertake more investments.
  • We offer professional advice and excellent customer service thought our Competent and supportive staff.
  • We provide innovative and competitively priced insurance products that give value for money.
  • We are committed to high standards of efficient claims services through stringent SLAs with our partners.
  • Value added benefits within our products e.g. free valuations, premium financing etc.



1.MEDICAL INSURANCE:This policy provides financial protection to families against unexpected medical bills, as well as enable families’ access affordable, appropriate, quality and timely medical care. The agency provides a comprehensive medical insurance to individuals, families, businesses, groups and institutions that covers both inpatient and outpatient benefits with coverage that ranges from chronic conditions, Maternity benefits, pre-existing conditions, dental, optical benefits etc.

2.HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE: The policy provides coverage for loss or damage to residential homes, household contents for losses arising from accidental fire and related perils, burglary, riot and strike, malicious damage, floods etc. The policy also covers owners/Occupier’s liability as well as work related liability arising from injuries sustained by domestic servants. Policy can be extended to cover political violence and terrorism

3.MOTOR INSURANCE : The policy provides coverage against legal third party damages as well as accidental own damage or loss to vehicles and their accessories .Policy can be issued as Comprehensive or third-party for all classes of motor vehicles inclusive of private vehicles, commercial vehicles, institutional vehicles, motorcycles, special type vehicles etc.

4.PERSONAL ACCIDENT: This policy provides compensation for accidental bodily injury, accidental death, disability (permanent total disability/temporary disability), medical expenses, hospitalization benefits as well as funeral expenses

5.GOODS IN TRANSIT AND CARRIER’S LIABILITY: The Goods in Transit policy offers protection against loss, destruction, or damage to goods whilst they are in transit by road, rail, or any inland waterways - from the time of leaving the insured’s premises to final delivery. The policy also protects the insured from liability during loading and unloading of the goods, and temporary housing in the course of transit. Some of the perils covered include theft, fire, overturning etc. The cover is ideal for individuals or companies transporting goods.

6.FIRE & SPECIAL PERILS: This policy provides compensation for Losses or damage to property arising from fire, Lightning, Limited Explosion as well as special perils such as Social perils, Chemical perils, Natural perils, and Miscellaneous perils.This policy covers property under the headings of Buildings Equipment, Plant and Machinery General Contents Stock.The policy can be extended to cover loss of profits during the period the business is affected by either of the insured perils.

7.THEFT /BURGLARY: This policy provides compensation for Losses or damage to property arising from theft following entry into and exit from the premises by forcible or violent means; Damage sustained on the premises in the course of theft or attempted theft.The cover insures furniture, fixtures and fittings, stocks, general contents, machinery and plant. The policy can be extended to cover riot, strike, malicious damage, Political violence and terrorism

8.ALL RISKS INSURANCE: Provides compensation for loss or damage to specified items of a portable nature arising from any cause unless excluded. This includes accidental loss, damage or destruction arising from fire, theft, riot & strike, accidental breakage, water damage, etc. Cover is suitable for laptops, mobile phones, cameras, projectors, POS, public address system, music system etc.

9.MONEY INSURANCE: This policy insures against loss of money by robbery or theft whilst in the business premises, in transit from business premises to or from bank/ business outlets, cash in hands of authorized employees (sales-people) as well as cost of repairing or replacing damaged safe or strong-rooms

10.FIDELITY GUARANTEE:The policy covers the employer against loss of money and/or stock through dishonest acts of employees

11.WIBA INSURANCE:WIBA Insurance is compulsory by law by virtue of the provisions of Work Injury Benefits Act, 2007 .Insurance provides protection to employees for work related injuries or disease contracted out of and in the course of employment. Compensation is in respect of Permanent Incapacity, Temporary Incapacity, Medical Expenses, and Capital Benefit for Death plus Funeral Expenses. Policy can be extended on a 24 hour basis.

12.EMPLOYER’S LIABILITY INSURANCE: This policy indemnifies the insured person (employer) against the risk of prosecution by employees or their legal representatives .A court of law may award damages/sums to employee/ employees as compensation, as a result of death or bodily injury arising out of the discharge of duties by the employee within the employment contract

13.PUBLIC LIABILITY: This insurance provides cover against the risk of prosecution by third parties for legal liability following accidental death, bodily injury or illness .The policy also covers legal liability for damage to third party property as a result of activities of the business .The cover is in respect of all business premises owned or occupied by the insured person within Kenya.

14.PROFFESSIONAL INDEMNITY: Protects professionals from legal liability for any acts of negligence they may commit in the course their duty.

15.MACHINERY BREAKDOWN:Machinery Insurance is a type of an accident insurance for machinery and covers Sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to machinery whilst working, at rest or dismantling/erection for inspection or repair. Excluding risks normally covered under a standard fire/perils policy.

16.CONTRACTOR’S ALL RISK: This policy is specially designed to give financial protection to the Civil Engineering Contractors in the event of an accident to the civil engineering works under construction

17.LIVESTOCK INSURANCE: This is a policy that indemnifies the insured against loss of livestock that may arise from death of insured livestock arising from accidental death e.g. epidemics, illness, disease of terminal nature, forceful heft in paddock/ zero grazing, fire, calving and pregnancy, injury etc.


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