The society has the STIMA PLAINS houses on special offer as below

  • Stima Investment has proposed different prices for the various categories of members.  The prices will include:-
  • Cash Prices for all those who will pay full amount within the next 60 days
  • Installment payment for all those who will pay and complete within the project construction period as follows:-
  • 20% as down payment
  • 30% after 9 months
  • 50% on completion
  • Mortgage buyers

This will include buyers who would be financed by banks and we have engaged banks to finance our members including Stima Sacco, Rafiki Microfinance, KCB. We will sign with other companies banks that will give our members the best bargain. The terms here will be

  •  20% to book the unit
  •  Balance to be paid by the mortgage provider.

For those getting 105 or 100% financing a commitment will be required to book the house.



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