Stima Investment has identified land in Lamu  which is ideal to invest in.

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The land is approximately 13 km from the Mokowe town and its right opposite the new Lamu port, (one of the key components of the LAPSSET project) it’s easily accessible by an all weather mar rum road. The land locality quantifies it for commercial developments and  is set to appreciate exponentially.

The land is being sold at Kshs.481, 000.00  members price and Kshs. 582,000/- non member price for an eighth of an acre. Prices are inclusive of road network, title deed and a barbed wire fence.

The plots are now available for sale to all  under the following arrangements:-

1.     I undertake to abide by the By-laws of the Society and any Rules made thereby.

2.     You can apply Stima Sacco loans in their given terms.

3.     You are required to pay 25% as commitment fee and Kshs1, 000.00 for the selected piece(s) of land while returning application forms to the following Bank Accounts:

a.   Stima Investment Land A/c  5-02-09277-01 - FOSA

b.   Stima Investment Co-operative Account A/c  011 2007 088 9200 – Stima Plaza Branch

4.5.    The society will allocate plots on the basis of full payment on a first come first served basis.

6.      Stima Sacco members who are not members of Stima investment will be required to pay 10% more.

7.  8.     You must provide a copy of Id, Pin number, and three passport size photos before deposit slips for payment is receipted.

9.     Always ensure your deposit slip is received by the office and receipt issued


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